Digital revolution, managerial mutation

les echos

New organisational models based more on collaboration, are emerging in companies. These are induced and facilitated by the development of digital technology. The opinion of Olivier Klein, published in Les Echos. 28th july 2016. Beyond the customer relationship, the digital…

Révolution digitale, mutation managériale

les echos

De nouveaux modèles d’organisation, davantage fondés sur la collaboration, sont en train d’émerger dans les entreprises, induits et facilités par le développement du numérique. Tribune d’Olivier Klein dans Les Echos. 28 juillet 2016.

« Is human capital the future? »


Address by Olivier Klein. « Is human capital the future for countries and companies? » Rencontres économiques, Aix-en-Provence, July 2016

How are new technologies transforming customer relations?

It’s a sociological fact that new technologies have changed our lives. What has been the impact on companies? Olivier KLEIN: It cannot be denied that new technologies have redefined the world order. They have given rise to a series of…