What are banks for ?

What sort of regulation enables banks to best fulfil their role in the economy? Banks have been widely held responsible for the financial crisis which began in 2007. The reality is more complex, although banks – especially those in the…

«Structural reforms : the graphs»

13 graphs, in addition to articles :  «Lack of growth and lack of reforms: time for action», published in Les Echos 17 July 2014 «Structural reform is difficult, but unavoidable», published in Le Monde 20 March 2014

«Réformes structurelles : les graphes»

13 graphes, en complément aux articles : «Manque de croissance et manque de réformes : le temps de l’action», publié dans les Echos du 17 juillet 2014, «Les réformes structurelles sont difficiles, mais indispensables», publié dans le Monde le 20 mars 2014 »